Supported Living
Utmostcare Limited Adult Care’s supported living services give people greater choice and control over how they live their lives, empowering them to achieve the best possible outcomes. By providing individually tailored support that is regularly reviewed and monitored, we encourage each person to reach their true potential. Our residents become more independent, find employment and fully integrate into their communities.
To gain an insight into our services, the way we work and the outcomes you can expect, please take a look at some of our success stories by clicking here.

Summary of our Supported Living Services

Homely Living Services

A wide range of safe and homely living spaces, shared accommodation in a decent area of Aylesbury.


Support with developing daily living skills, independence and accessing the community.

Unique Care

Unique care pathways providing step-up and step-down services

24/7 Staff Availability

Staff availability 24 hours per day

Safety & Privacy

Spacious communal areas and well-maintained gardens that are safe and private

Dedicated Staff Teams

Staff teams with significant expertise in supporting people with complex needs, including dedicated positive behaviour support (PBS) specialists and an Assessment and Transition Director for Complex Autism

Assistive Technology

Integration of Assistive Technology within properties to maximise independence

Education and Employment Opportunities

Support to access education and employment opportunities

Access to Amenities

Locations with access to the wider community and close to amenities

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