Got Any Questions?
1 Why should I choose your agency over other agencies?
As much as there are many carer agencies around, we believe we come with a difference, utilising best processes, procedures, systems and highly trained staff to provide care services that meet the needs of your care and that of the loved ones.

We believe the only way to experience this is to try us against our words. Contact us today and lets us discuss your care needs and provisions.
2 Which areas of the country do you currently cover?
Utmostcare Limited currently provide care in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and its environs. It is our desire to extend our quality care services to areas of the country in the near future.

You can contact us to speak to us about our services if you are located in the areas mentioned above.
3 How do I fund my care?
There are number of ways to fund care. We believe the best thing is to always contact the local council for assessment of your care needs and advise on how to best fund it.

You can also visit our funding page for an overview of three major ways of funding care. As much as we believe this is not exhaustive, it might just be a good place to start!

Interested in our services? Why not contact us today and let us discuss your care needs and provisions!
4 Do I have control over the carers that look after my loved one?
Definitely, Utmostcare Limited believe in personalised and tailored care for all our clients. We respect your wishes and preferences, and we work with you to ensure that we can achieve this while preserving the standard of care we provide.

We will work with you throughout our engagements and ensure that you get the best possible care. Contact us today and let us discuss your care needs and provisions
5 As family, can I monitor how my loved one is being cared for?
Yes, we believe a good experience from your care provider is for them to provide you with real-time updates of how your loved ones are being taken care of.

Utmostcare Limited believes in transparency and use robust care system to ensure our carers can update activities that take place during every visit. We also provide family app that can be used by families to monitor the services we provide to your loved ones.

We will like you to experience our quality services. Contact us today and let us discuss your care needs and provisions.
6 Can I send complaint/feedback/compliment to your team?
We are always looking at for ways we can improve our services and support our clients in the most possible way. This is in line with our motto to be the leading ways in quality care.

We like to hear from you if you have complaints, suggestions or compliments of how we can improve our services. Click here to visit our compliment page and let us know what you have in mind.