Sleep-in/Night Care
While Care Services are available during the day, we understand that ensuring the safety of your loved one at night is equally, if not more important. We have nursing-led carers who can provide support and relieve stress during the night hours. These individuals are skilled to work according to your needs and ensure you feel safe and secure.
Our specially trained Carers will remain with you throughout the night, or as required, to provide a sense of assurance while you spend time alone in the dark. They will be available to assist with any job-related tasks, including shifts in roles or assisting you to the bathroom, with their customary sensitivity and professionalism.

What methods of Night Care are there?

There are three different forms of night care we offer:

A Sleeping Night

Your in-house Caregiver will have their sleeping time but will also be available to help you a few times through the night.

A Waking Night

Our Carers are available to cater to your needs at any hour of the night, be it for an hour or more. They will be on duty throughout the night in order to assist you.

Sitting Service

This enables the usual Carer to take some time off and have a much-needed break.

Are you interested in this service?

We have dedicated staff available to assist you, so please contact us and we'll be happy to help.